K1 Men’s Whitewater Canoe, 2012 London Olympics

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Today we had tickets for the Men’s whitewater canoe (really kayaking). We stayed at the Marriott in Waltham Abbey and went in the afternoon for our event which was the semifinal and finals for men’s K1 whitewater canoe. It is really green and the event was held in the middle of the Epping Forest at Lee Valley. The photo above shows Kazuki Wyazawa.

We walked along a little canal to get to the venue, as it was sputtering, trying to rain.

It was so green here that there were reeds and water lillies. Finally we reached the venue. There are so many extremely friendly volunteers it was no problem finding things.

We finally made it to our seats and a beautiful venue for the games. It was a little cloudy but it never really rained.

It is really amazing they have managed to create a set of rapids in the relatively flat countryside of Britain.

We saw some really amazing runs by competitors from a two dozen countries. The picture above shows Hannes Aigner in his final run, he won the bronze medal.

Here is a picture of Eteinne Daille who ended up number 7 in the event.


Finally I have a great video of the final gold medal run by Danielle Molmenti of Italy.

The K1 Men’s Whitewater Canoe Silver Finalist Vavrinek Hradilec from the Czech Republic.

And the K1 Men’s Whitewater Canoe Bronze Finalist Hannes Aigner from Germany.

Here are the flags in the stadium.

And the flags of the winners for the medals ceremony.

And the Medals Ceremony, Gold for Danielle Molmenti of Italy, Silver for Hradilec Vavrenik of Czech Republic, Hannes Aigner of Germany for Bronze.

As we walked out, we got to see how some of the people supporting their country were dressed. Team Great Britain was out in force.

Finally, our walk back out along the canal. Everything was so well organized, and there were so many volunteers giving directions, the day turned out to be a lot of fun.