About Us

My first love was mathematics. As a child I was facinated by triangles, lines on spheres and calculus. I also loved to read and pretty much read everythingm I could lay my hands on. It wasn’t long until I found that my interest in mathematics could be applied to the real world through physics and computers.

I then went to medical school at Northwestern University, residency at The Jules Stein Eye Institute and specialty training with Dr Richard Troutman and Jose Barraquer. I became a well known corneal specialist in Las Vegas Nevada. I retired in 2006 due to back problems.

During my physician days I traveled and lectured extensively but I was often too busy to enjoy the foreign travel. I now have the time to really get to know travel locations, to indulge my interest in history, culture and food. The tagline for this website and blog is really our approach to travel. We often base our travel destinations on our mutual interest in history. When we arrive, we look carefully at the destination in many different ways.

Hi, I am Dr Buzard!

Dr Buzard in Front of the Pont Alexander III in Paris.
We love to discuss what is going on, what people living in the place think and of course where and what they eat. We both love museums and of course art museums are a treat especially if they feature local artists or art from a place that we have previously visited. I still remember the shock I felt when visiting the Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam and found a huge canvas with an opening cut out for the door in the city hall where it had been hung! The best museums though are often eclectic and off the beaten path. I remember visiting the tile museum in Lisbon, an old convent that had been converted ito a museum right by a busy highway in an out of the way location. No one at the hotel had ever visited but we went and found the chaple of Convento da Madre de Deus, a chaple the size of the Sistine virtually covered in gold!