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Since we live in Las Vegas, we like to go to California for the odd weekend on the ocean. I have decided to write a series devoted to California ocean-side resorts. The first is the historic Hotel Coronado on Coronado Island in San Diego. When it opened in 1888, it was the largest resort hotel in the world. It has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities through the years. The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books.

The hotel is huge and has a great beach.

Really great bungalows right on the beach.

The sand dunes are what the place looked like originally.

They were having an outdoor exhibition of “Dr Seus” sculptured characters.

All of the California resorts have beautiful landscaping with lovely flowers due to the mild climate.

To get to Coronado, you have to go over the fairly amazing Coranado bridge. If money is no object and you want to stay in the best place in San Diego, consider the Hotel Coronado. It has been recently remolded and is a great place to chill by the sea for a few days.