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FNAC in Paris

Yesterday I needed to pickup a new camera, the new Lumix GF5 was not released when we left, so i decided to buy it here in Paris at FNAC. This is a large chain of music, books and electronics stores known for their wide selection and discounted prices. They are all over Europe, in Brazil and even Takwan. Sort of like Fry’s in the States only more upscale. Great for the traveler, it offers everything you need for your computer, iPod, or digital camera. Most branches include digital photo development services. Stock up on French music in the CD department, or browse the bookshelves. Seven branches are in Paris, with the largest being at 136 rue de Rennes, Montparnasse. Other locations include rue St-Lazare, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Forum des Halles, Avenue des Ternes, and Avenue d’Italie. The one pictured above is on Avenue Mac-Mahon and Avenue des Ternes. All are open Monday to Saturday 10am to 7:30pm except Champs-Élysées, which is open daily noon to midnight. What is particularly helpful is that you can get Paris museum passes at FNAC as well as tickets for concerts and even Euro-Disney. They have over 60 thousand events for which they provide tickets. Believe me when I repeat, you do not want to stand in line for tickets at the Louvre. They are sort of like Ticketmaster in the US with a bunch of convenient locations. Super helpful and a good experience overall.