Billboards July 2012, Paris

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I thought I would take a sampling of some of the French billboards in the subway and on the Champs Elysee. I like the one above for Bain De Soleil (smile). I found I was surprised by the relative lack of product advertising here in France compared to the US. Most of the ads are for theater, movies and museum expositions and although I don’t really know, I would bet some are given free or subsidized ad space. There are ads for women’s clothing, futons and a few more, but they are not in the majority. When I looked at my shopping habits here, it became more obvious. I usually go daily to the bakery for a baguette, the meat market for a little meat, sometimes to the cheese market and finally to the produce market. None of the products I buy are mass produced…hence no advertising. A lot of French disposable income is spent on entertainment and going to the local coffee bar. Of course, sex sells here as well as anywhere, and there are cosmetic, perfume and dating site ads ( all over.